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Bus Bars Washers - C Shaped
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Finishing Washers

Definition: Finish washers are used in applications where the decorative appearance is important. The flat head screw recesses into the finish washer to provide a clean appearance and the washer grips fabric and other light materials securely away from the hole. They also eliminate the need for a countersunk hole.

Finishing Washers are available in the following materials and finishes:

  • Brass: Black Oxide, Cadmium types I & II, Degreasing, Bright Nickel, Pickling, Silver, Bright Tin, Hot Tin Dip, and Zinc types I & II
  • Stainless Steel: Black Oxide, Cadmium types I & II, Chrome, Degreasing, Bright Nickel, Passivate, Pickling, Silver, Bright Tin, Hot Tin Dip, and Zinc types I & II

Finishing Washer: 5725

Example: Finishing Washer