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Push-On Nuts, Rectangular Push-On Nuts, Rectangular Shaft Retainer

  • Push-on nuts, also known as, rectangular push-on nuts or rectangular shaft retainers are designed for the stud or shaft retainers to engage an unthreaded or threaded stud or shaft on two sides. Push-on nuts are designed for quick and usually permanent, assembly, unless used with a “D” shaped stud. They are a time and labor saving component.
  • Use our Quick Search below to source spring steel push-on nuts from our wide selection of options.

  • Available Materials: Spring steel push-on nuts
  • Available Finishes: Cadmium plated push-on nuts, nickel plated push-on nuts, tin plated push-on nuts, zinc plated push-on nuts (other finishes also available)

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberA (Nom. Stud Size)BCDETMaterialFinishStockLeadtimeGet Pricing
    2713-140.0930.0740.4370.2500.0250.012Spring Steel 6665In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-14-N0.0930.0740.4370.2500.0250.012Spring SteelNickel702In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-150.0930.0740.4370.2500.0250.015Spring Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-10.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.012Spring Steel 04-5 WeeksPrice
    2713-1-C10.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.012Spring SteelCadmium Type I09-10 WeeksPrice
    2713-1-C20.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.012Spring SteelCadmium Type II09-10 WeeksPrice
    2713-1-Z30.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.012Spring SteelZinc Type III08-9 WeeksPrice
    2713-20.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.015Spring Steel 04-5 WeeksPrice
    2713-2-C20.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.015Spring SteelCadmium Type II09-10 WeeksPrice
    2713-30.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.018Spring Steel 04-5 WeeksPrice
    2713-3-C20.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.018Spring SteelCadmium Type II09-10 WeeksPrice
    2713-3-N0.1250.1000.5800.3100.0250.018Spring SteelNickel08-9 WeeksPrice
    2713-160.1560.1250.5620.3750.0250.015Spring Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-40.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.012Spring Steel 649In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-4-C20.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.012Spring SteelCadmium Type II05-6 Weeks for <= 649 Call for Delivery for > 649Price
    2713-4-Z30.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.012Spring SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 649 Call for Delivery for > 649Price
    2713-50.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.018Spring Steel 4288In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-5-C20.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.018Spring SteelCadmium Type II05-6 Weeks for <= 4288 Call for Delivery for > 4288Price
    2713-60.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.020Spring Steel 13320In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-6-C20.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.020Spring SteelCadmium Type II05-6 Weeks for <= 13320 Call for Delivery for > 13320Price
    2713-6-Z30.1870.1500.6200.3800.0450.020Spring SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 13320 Call for Delivery for > 13320Price
    2713-170.2260.1750.6250.4370.0350.020Spring Steel 23144In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-17-C10.2260.1750.6250.4370.0350.020Spring SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 23144 Call for Delivery for > 23144Price
    2713-70.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.012Spring Steel 07-8 WeeksPrice
    2713-7-C20.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.012Spring SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-80.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.018Spring Steel 07-8 WeeksPrice
    2713-8-C20.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.018Spring SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-8-N0.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.018Spring SteelNickel0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-90.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.020Spring Steel 07-8 WeeksPrice
    2713-9-C20.2500.2000.6200.4400.0350.020Spring SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-180.2710.2150.6250.5000.0450.020Spring Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-100.3120.2500.6900.5000.0450.015Spring Steel 69In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-10-C20.3120.2500.6900.5000.0450.015Spring SteelCadmium Type II05-6 Weeks for <= 69 Call for Delivery for > 69Price
    2713-10-PH0.3120.2500.6900.5000.0450.015Spring SteelPhosphate04-5 Weeks for <= 69 Call for Delivery for > 69Price
    2713-110.3120.2500.6900.5000.0450.020Spring Steel 07-8 WeeksPrice
    2713-11-C20.3120.2500.6900.5000.0450.020Spring SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-11-T0.3120.2500.6900.5000.0450.020Spring SteelBright Tin0Call for DeliveryPrice
    2713-120.3750.3000.7500.5600.0450.015Spring Steel 99In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-12-C20.3750.3000.7500.5600.0450.015Spring SteelCadmium Type II05-6 Weeks for <= 99 Call for Delivery for > 99Price
    2713-12-N0.3750.3000.7500.5600.0450.015Spring SteelNickel22In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    2713-130.3750.3000.7500.5600.0450.020Spring Steel 07-8 WeeksPrice
    2713-13-C20.3750.3000.7500.5600.0450.020Spring SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice

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