Environmental Statement

Seastrom Manufacturing Co., Inc. is committed to conducting business in a manner that manages environmental issues responsibly. We fulfill this commitment by:

  • Conducting business operations in compliance with all applicable government and industry environmental regulations.

  • Applying the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes. (ie. Recycling all scrap material including nylon, steel and red metals, as well as office paper)

  • The use of recycled products where applicable.

  • Conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner. Use of manufacturing processes that minimize waste and other pollution.(ie. Reduction of noise pollution and water purification.)

  • Ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout our business, including energy conservation and improving energy efficiency (ie. Energy efficient lighting).

  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees.

  • Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

  • Clearly communicating Seastrom’s environmental policy, practices, and impact to interested parties.

Seastrom continually strives to improve our environmental management system and performance.