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Bus Bars Washers - C Shaped
Clamps and Brackets Washers - Centering
Expansion Plugs Washers - Countersunk
Grounding Straps Washers - Finishing
Insulators Washers - Flat
Jumpers Washers - Lock
Retaining Rings Washers - Odd Shaped ID
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Washers - Terminal Cup

Grounding Straps

Grounding Straps, Flexible Grounding Straps, Copper Braid Grounding Straps,
Flexible Flat Tinned Copper Braid Ground Straps

Definition: Flexible grounding straps are designed as an electrical grounding connection between two terminals. The tinned copper braid provides a flat, flexible strap that eliminates the need for consistent terminal distances from one assembly to another.It can also be used between movable, vibrating components. The straps are optionally available with heat shrink plastic tubing on the flexible braid to give additional insulation.

Flexible Grounding Straps are available in the following materials and finishes:

  • Copper: Bright Tin, Hot Tin Dip, Soft Solder

Flexible Grounding Strap: 5025

Example: Flexible Grounding Strap