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Spherical Washer, Leveling Washer, Self-Aligning Washer

  • Self-aligning washers are also known as spherical washers or leveling washers. These washers consist of a male and female washer that, when nested, swivel slightly to compensate for tolerance variations and uneven surfaces. They are good for correcting up to several degrees of misalignment between parts, as with die and fixture applications.

  • Concave spherical washers, also known as dished washers, are the female or bottom washer in a spherical washer assembly. Dimensional equivalents to M45595/7.

  • Convex spherical washers, also known as seat washers, are the male or top washer in a spherical washer assembly. Dimensional equivalents to M45595/6.

  • Spherical washers are sold as a set (concave and convex) of spherical washers, but also individually of either a convex spherical washer or a concave spherical washer.

  • Use our Quick Search below to source steel or stainless self-aligning washers from our wide selection of options.

  • Available Materials: Steel, Stainless steel spherical washer
  • Available Finishes: Black oxide coated spherical washers, cadmium plated spherical washers, passivated spherical washers, tin plated spherical washers (other finishes also available).

  • If you need additional information on your particular steel or stainless self-aligning washer application click on one of the links below:
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    Did you know Seastrom is more than steel or stainless self-aligning washers? We manufacture and stock over 44,000 part numbers to make your washer & fastener sourcing job easy.


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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberHEIGHT (REF)ABCDScrew SizeFinishMaterialStockLeadtimeGet Pricing
    5786-67-100.0940.2050.3440.2580.395#10 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-100.0940.2050.3440.2580.395#10 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-2500.1690.2650.4590.3500.5101/4 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-2500.1690.2650.4590.3500.5101/4 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5789-67-3120.1920.3280.5870.4220.6135/16 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-3120.1920.3280.5870.4220.6135/16 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5786-67-3750.2470.3900.7170.5050.7473/8 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-3750.2470.3900.7170.5050.7473/8 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-4380.2740.4530.8500.5850.8597/16 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-4380.2740.4530.8500.5850.8597/16 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-5000.2920.5150.9680.6690.9721/2 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-5000.2920.5150.9680.6690.9721/2 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-5620.3160.5781.1000.7511.1659/16 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-5620.3160.5781.1000.7511.1659/16 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5789-67-6250.3670.6401.2200.8341.2935/8 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-6250.3670.6401.2200.8341.2935/8 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-7500.3820.7651.4340.9991.5593/4 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-7500.3820.7651.4340.9991.5593/4 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5786-67-8750.3970.8901.6361.1641.8257/8 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-8750.3970.8901.6361.1641.8257/8 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5789-67-10000.4331.0151.8361.3312.0781 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-10000.4331.0151.8361.3312.0781 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5786-67-11250.4761.1402.1241.4972.3361-1/8 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-11250.4761.1402.1241.4972.3361-1/8 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-12500.5521.2652.3721.6632.6011-1/4 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-12500.5521.2652.3721.6632.6011-1/4 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice
    5786-67-13750.5981.3902.6241.8272.8721-3/8 Cold Rolled Steel06-7 WeeksPrice
    5789-67-13750.5981.3902.6241.8272.8721-3/8 Stainless Steel01 WeekPrice

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