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PTFE Shoulder Washer, PTFE Sleeve Bushing, PTFE Flanged Bushing

  • Shoulder washers, sleeve bushings or flanged bushings have a variety of applications. A shoulder washer insulates a screw, rivet or wire from an assembly or can be inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. The flange on the shoulder washer is used to positively locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface.

  • Available Materials: PTFE shoulder washer
  • Available Finishes: No finishes

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberABCDEF (Ref)Screw SizeFinishMaterialQty/Pack# of PacksLeadtimeGet Pricing
    A365-1060.0910.1250.3120.0620.0630.125  PTFE105033-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1210.0910.1250.3120.0620.0630.125  PTFE5113-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1070.1150.1360.2000.0300.0300.060  PTFE101014-5 WeeksPrice
    A365-1220.1150.1360.2000.0300.0300.0603 PTFE51234-5 WeeksPrice
    A365-1080.1400.1870.3120.0390.0230.062  PTFE103203-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1230.1400.1870.3120.0390.0230.062  PTFE503-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1090.1690.2650.3750.0450.0490.094  PTFE101363-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1240.1690.2650.3750.0450.0490.094  PTFE553-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1100.1930.2520.3750.0320.0320.064  PTFE52623-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1110.2600.3550.5450.0450.0490.094  PTFE5933-4 WeeksPrice
    A365-1120.3850.5000.7500.0600.0600.120  PTFE52313-4 WeeksPrice

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