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Stainless Steel Metric Round Flat Washer, Stainless Steel Metric Flat Washer, Stainless Steel Metric Washer

  • A stainless steel flat washer is a flat disc with a centrally located hole. Stainless steel round flat washers are used to provide a bearing surface to minimize surface wear. They also evenly distribute a fastener’s load to minimize surface deformation from fastener tightening or can cover large clearance holes. Stainless steel is higher strength than steel and has excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Available Materials: Stainless steel flat washer
  • Available Finishes: No finish

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberIDODTScrew SizeFinishMaterialQty/Pack# of PacksLeadtimeGet Pricing
    A370-9098140.1001/4 Stainless Steel50983-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9198140.2001/4 Stainless Steel251303-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9298140.3001/4 Stainless Steel251472-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-9398140.5101/4 Stainless Steel502592-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-9498141.0201/4 Stainless Steel253472-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-94010160.5105/16 Stainless Steel504173-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-95010161.0205/16 Stainless Steel252032-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-91010.01160.1003/8 Stainless Steel502013-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-92010.01160.2003/8 Stainless Steel25313-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-93010.01160.3003/8 Stainless Steel25842-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-91111.9918.010.1007/16 Stainless Steel2503-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-92111.9918.010.2007/16 Stainless Steel25453-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-93111.9918.010.3007/16 Stainless Steel2502-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-94112180.5107/16 Stainless Steel25402-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-95112181.0207/16 Stainless Steel25782-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-9121419.990.1001/2 Stainless Steel252192-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-9221419.990.2001/2 Stainless Steel25893-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9321419.990.3001/2 Stainless Steel25202-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-94214200.5101/2 Stainless Steel25643-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-95214201.0201/2 Stainless Steel251222-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-93316220.0809/16 Stainless Steel25343-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-91316220.1009/16 Stainless Steel2503-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-92316220.2009/16 Stainless Steel25203-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-94316220.5109/16 Stainless Steel251002-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-95316221.0209/16 Stainless Steel25612-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-91419.9927.990.1003/4 Stainless Steel25233-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-92419.9927.990.2003/4 Stainless Steel25563-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-93419.9927.990.3003/4 Stainless Steel2503-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-94420280.5103/4 Stainless Steel252252-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-95420281.0203/4 Stainless Steel252302-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-91524.9935.990.1007/8 Stainless Steel25413-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-92524.9935.990.2007/8 Stainless Steel2583-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-93524.9935.990.3007/8 Stainless Steel10173-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-94525360.5107/8 Stainless Steel25243-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-94630420.510  Stainless Steel10553-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-95630421.020  Stainless Steel10162-3 WeeksPrice
    A370-9163042.010.100  Stainless Steel10113-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9263042.010.200  Stainless Steel10923-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9363042.010.300  Stainless Steel10553-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-94735450.510  Stainless Steel10103-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-95735451.020  Stainless Steel101163-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9173545.010.100  Stainless Steel1053-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9273545.010.200  Stainless Steel10573-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-9373545.010.300  Stainless Steel10783-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-94840500.510  Stainless Steel10453-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-95840501.020  Stainless Steel10733-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-91840.0150.010.100  Stainless Steel101293-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-92840.0150.010.200  Stainless Steel10213-4 WeeksPrice
    A370-93840.0150.010.300  Stainless Steel101343-4 WeeksPrice

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