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Retaining Clamp

  • Similar to cable clamps, retaining clamps are used to hold or clamp a wire or tube in its proper location in an assembly.
  • Use our Quick Search below to source steel (cold rolled steel) retaining clamps from our wide selection of options.

  • Available Materials: Steel (cold rolled steel) retaining clamps
  • Available Finishes: Cadmium plated retaining clamps, zinc plated retaining clamps, nickel plated retaining clamps, black oxide coated retaining clamps, chrome plated retaining clamps (other finishes also available)

  • If you need additional information on your particular retaining clamp application click on one of the links below:
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    Did you know Seastrom is more than retaining clamps? We manufacture and stock over 44,000 part numbers to make your washer & fastener sourcing job easy.

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberA (Rad)BDEFGTMaterialFinishStockLeadtimeGet Pricing
    5311-10.0620.1730.1880.1090.9090.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 04-5 WeeksPrice
    5311-1-C20.0620.1730.1880.1090.9090.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II09-10 WeeksPrice
    5311-1-N0.0620.1730.1880.1090.9090.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel08-9 WeeksPrice
    5311-1-Z20.0620.1730.1880.1090.9090.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-1-Z30.0620.1730.1880.1090.9090.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III553In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-20.0940.1730.1880.1720.9720.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 1372In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-2-C10.0940.1730.1880.1720.9720.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 1372 9-10 Weeks for > 1372Price
    5311-2-C20.0940.1730.1880.1720.9720.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-2-N0.0940.1730.1880.1720.9720.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel04-5 Weeks for <= 1372 8-9 Weeks for > 1372Price
    5311-2-Z20.0940.1730.1880.1720.9720.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-2-Z30.0940.1730.1880.1720.9720.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III503In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-30.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 3841In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-3-BO0.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelBlack Oxide04-5 Weeks for <= 3841 8-9 Weeks for > 3841Price
    5311-3-C10.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 3841 9-10 Weeks for > 3841Price
    5311-3-C20.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-3-N0.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel04-5 Weeks for <= 3841 8-9 Weeks for > 3841Price
    5311-3-Z20.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-3-Z30.1250.1730.1880.2341.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III1477In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-40.1250.2000.1880.2651.0010.3750.036Cold Rolled Steel 874In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-4-N0.1250.2000.1880.2651.0010.3750.036Cold Rolled SteelNickel78In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-4-Z30.1250.2000.1880.2651.0010.3750.036Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III1190In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-50.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 3594In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-5-BO0.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelBlack Oxide04-5 Weeks for <= 3594 8-9 Weeks for > 3594Price
    5311-5-C10.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 3594 9-10 Weeks for > 3594Price
    5311-5-C20.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-5-N0.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel624In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-5-Z20.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II967In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-5-Z30.1560.1730.1880.2971.0960.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 3594 8-9 Weeks for > 3594Price
    5311-60.1880.1730.1880.3591.1600.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 5871In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-6-C10.1880.1730.1880.3591.1600.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 5871 9-10 Weeks for > 5871Price
    5311-6-T10.1880.1730.1880.3591.1600.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelBright Tin0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-6-Z20.1880.1730.1880.3591.1600.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II04-5 Weeks for <= 5871 8-9 Weeks for > 5871Price
    5311-6-Z30.1880.1730.1880.3591.1600.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III2155In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-70.2030.2030.2190.4061.7500.5000.048Cold Rolled Steel 589In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-7-Z30.2030.2030.2190.4061.7500.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 589 8-9 Weeks for > 589Price
    5311-80.2190.1730.1880.4221.2220.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 634In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-8-BO0.2190.1730.1880.4221.2220.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelBlack Oxide04-5 Weeks for <= 634 8-9 Weeks for > 634Price
    5311-8-N0.2190.1730.1880.4221.2220.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel04-5 Weeks for <= 634 8-9 Weeks for > 634Price
    5311-90.2500.1730.1880.4841.2840.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 78In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-9-BO0.2500.1730.1880.4841.2840.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelBlack Oxide0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-9-C10.2500.1730.1880.4841.2840.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 78 9-10 Weeks for > 78Price
    5311-100.2700.2190.2190.54020.5000.048Cold Rolled Steel 1000In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-10-C20.2700.2190.2190.54020.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II05-6 Weeks for <= 1000 9-10 Weeks for > 1000Price
    5311-10-Z30.2700.2190.2190.54020.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III646In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-110.2810.1730.1880.5471.3460.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 04-5 WeeksPrice
    5311-11-N0.2810.1730.1880.5471.3460.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-120.2810.2190.2190.56220.5000.048Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-12-C20.2810.2190.2190.56220.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-12-Z20.2810.2190.2190.56220.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-130.3120.1730.1880.6091.4080.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 2610In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-13-Z30.3120.1730.1880.6091.4080.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 2610 8-9 Weeks for > 2610Price
    5311-140.3120.2190.2190.62520.5000.048Cold Rolled Steel 04-5 WeeksPrice
    5311-14-Z20.3120.2190.2190.62520.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II08-9 WeeksPrice
    5311-14-Z30.3120.2190.2190.62520.5000.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III348In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-150.3440.1730.1880.6721.4720.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-15-N0.3440.1730.1880.6721.4720.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-160.3440.2810.3750.6882.3750.6250.060Cold Rolled Steel 3624In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-170.3750.1730.1880.7341.5340.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 1792In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-17-BO0.3750.1730.1880.7341.5340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelBlack Oxide0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-17-C10.3750.1730.1880.7341.5340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-17-Z20.3750.1730.1880.7341.5340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-17-Z30.3750.1730.1880.7341.5340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 1792 8-9 Weeks for > 1792Price
    5311-180.3750.2810.3750.7502.5000.6880.060Cold Rolled Steel 6931In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-18-C10.3750.2810.3750.7502.5000.6880.060Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-18-Z30.3750.2810.3750.7502.5000.6880.060Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III04-5 Weeks for <= 6931 8-9 Weeks for > 6931Price
    5311-190.4060.1730.1880.7971.5900.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 05-6 WeeksPrice
    5311-19-N0.4060.1730.1880.7971.5900.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-200.4220.2810.3750.8442.6250.6880.060Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-20-C10.4220.2810.3750.8442.6250.6880.060Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-20-N0.4220.2810.3750.8442.6250.6880.060Cold Rolled SteelNickel0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-210.4380.1730.1880.8591.6600.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 352In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-220.4690.1730.1880.9221.7220.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-22-N0.4690.1730.1880.9221.7220.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-230.5000.1730.1880.9841.7840.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-240.5000.2810.37512.7500.7500.075Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-24-C10.5000.2810.37512.7500.7500.075Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-24-C20.5000.2810.37512.7500.7500.075Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type II0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-250.5310.2810.3751.0622.8750.7500.075Cold Rolled Steel 256In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-25-T20.5310.2810.3751.0622.8750.7500.075Cold Rolled SteelTin Dip0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-25-Z30.5310.2810.3751.0622.8750.7500.075Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type III200In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-260.5620.2810.3751.12530.7500.075Cold Rolled Steel 200In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-26-C10.5620.2810.3751.12530.7500.075Cold Rolled SteelCadmium Type I05-6 Weeks for <= 200 9-10 Weeks for > 200Price
    5311-270.6250.1730.1881.2342.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 14In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-27-N0.6250.1730.1881.2342.0340.3750.048Cold Rolled SteelNickel04-5 Weeks for <= 14 9-10 Weeks for > 14Price
    5311-280.6570.2810.3751.3153.1250.8750.075Cold Rolled Steel 3350In Stock - Ready To Ship!Price
    5311-290.7500.1730.1881.4842.2840.3750.048Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-300.7500.2810.3751.5003.3750.8750.075Cold Rolled Steel 0Call for DeliveryPrice
    5311-30-Z20.7500.2810.3751.5003.3750.8750.075Cold Rolled SteelZinc Type II09-10 WeeksPrice

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