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Tab Lock Washer

  • Tab lock washers are designed to prevent both the washer and the nut from rotating in an assembly. The tabs lock over the edge of the assembly base or in a predrilled hole and the ears are bent up to lock the nut in place.

  • Available Materials: Steel (cold rolled steel) tab lock washer
  • Available Finishes: No finish

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    Dimensions in Inches
    Product NumberABTDEFGScrew SizeFinishMaterialQty/Pack# of PacksLeadtimeGet Pricing
    A599-730.1200.2750.0100.1870.1250.125104 Stainless Steel 301-30410333-4 WeeksPrice
    A599-740.1200.2750.0100.3750.1250.125104 Stainless Steel 301-30410203-4 WeeksPrice
    A599-750.1460.3440.0150.2500.1250.156106 Stainless Steel 301-3041053-4 WeeksPrice
    A599-760.1460.3440.0150.3120.1250.156106 Stainless Steel 301-30410543-4 WeeksPrice
    A599-770.1460.3440.0150.5000.1250.156106 Stainless Steel 301-30410104-5 WeeksPrice
    A599-780.1740.3780.0150.5000.1250.172108 Stainless Steel 301-3041063-4 WeeksPrice
    A599-790.2030.4130.0180.3750.1560.1871010 Stainless Steel 301-3041094-5 WeeksPrice
    A599-800.2650.4820.0240.4370.1560.218101/4 Stainless Steel 301-30410204-5 WeeksPrice
    A599-810.2650.4820.0240.6250.1560.218101/4 Stainless Steel 301-30410274-5 WeeksPrice
    A599-820.3280.6210.0240.5620.1870.281105/16 Stainless Steel 301-3041043-4 WeeksPrice

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